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Fred Mollin wishes to thank the following companies for support above and beyond the call of duty:

GODIN GUITARS (Kat, Mario, Robert, Fred), TAYLOR GUITARS (Tim G, Bob T and Kurt), SAMSON/ZOOM (Ira), GRETSCH GUITARS (Fred, Joe, James and Mike), GUILD GUITARS (Donny), ELIXIR STRINGS (Joni), G7 CAPOS (Nick Campling), LEVY'S (Dennis, Harvey and Danica), USA MUSIC CORP (John), KORG USA, YORKVILLE SOUND (Steve), MOOG MUSIC (Mike), RANE (Dean), HOHNER (Gizzy O'toole), MUSIC MARKETING (Ray), DEERING BANJOS (Janet,Caroline), GRETSCH DRUMS (Kim), GATOR HARD CASES (Rob, Brian), SONOS (Thomas), TRU NORTH MUSIC AND SOUND (Jeff), Mindepositcasinos, Mindepositcasinos NZ, Casinos AU, VINTAGE GUITAR (Dennis, Michael), LEWITT MICROPHONES and TRIAD-ORBIT MICROPHONE STANDS (Marty). Much gratitude to all - I couldn't make a beautiful noise without you.