Television Series

*Title (Information, Production Company)

In A Heartbeat
(22 Episodes, Disney Channel / Alliance Atlantis)

The City
(16 Episodes, Music Supervisor / Composer, Pearson Entertainment / CTV)

Freaky Stories
(Animated, Multiples, YTV Productions)

Secrets Of Forensic Science
(60 Episodes, Discovery Channel)

Mission Genesis aka Deep Water Black
(Multiples, Sci-Fi Channel)

Beverly Hills 90210
(Multiples, Spelling Entertainment / FOX)

Hang Time
(Theme and Multiples, Four Point Entertainment / NBC Productions)

Real Ghosts
(Theme and Multiples, Four Point Entertainment / UPN)

The Living Edge
(Theme and Multiples, Living Edge Productions)

Forever Knight
(Theme and all 70 Episodes, Tristar / CBS)

The Other Side
(Theme and 200 Episodes, Four Point Entertainment / NBC Productions)

(Theme and 22 Episodes, Atlantis Films / Universal TV)

Hard Copy
(300 Shows Plus, Paramount)

The Odyssey
(Theme and Multiples, CBC)

(Produced Carly Simon Theme and Multiples, Columbia Television)

Outer Limits
(Multiples, MGM Television)

Beyond Reality
(Theme and 44 Episodes, Four Point Productions / Paragon / USA)

Sweating Bullets
(Theme and Multiples, CBS)

War Of The Worlds
(Theme, Paramount)

Friday The 13th
(Theme and all 72 Episodes, Paramount)

(Multiples, 20th Century Fox / Atlantis Films / CBC)

Ray Bradbury Theatre
("The Skeleton", Atlantis Films / USA)

My Secret Identity
(Theme and 44 Episodes, Scholastic Productions)

The New Gidget
(40 Episodes, Ackerman-Riskin Productions / Columbia)

(Theme and Multiples, Atlantis Productions / PBS)